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We utilize locally sourced ingredients, simply prepared to promote the flavor of the local harvest.


Local Fixe sources its ingredients from local companies. Our products incorporate flour from Shepherd's Grain, spices from Oregon Spice Company and produce from carefully selected local farms.

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Simply prepared can simply wow your senses. Try tossing fresh pasta with olive oil, salt and pepper and some Parmesan cheese. Or, get creative. The possibilities and flavors are truly endless.

Stir Fry

All purpose flour, semolina, white rice, gluten, egg, salt, ramen additive

Squid Ink

All purpose flour, semolina, egg, squid ink

All purpose flour, semolina, egg, squid ink

All purpose flour, semolina, egg, squid ink

Whole Wheat

Whole wheat, gluten flour, egg

Gluten-Free Rice

White rice, tapioca, corn starch, xanthan gum

Gluten-Free Garbanzo Bean

Garbanzo bean flour, tapioca, arrow root, xanthan gum, egg


All purpose flour, semolina and egg

Red Beet (with Seasonal Greens)

All purpose flour, semolina, egg and roasted beet

Sweet Potato (with Squid Ink)

All purpose flour, semolina, egg and sweet potato

Seasonal Greens

All purpose, semolina, egg, greens


Bread flour, toasted buckwheat, salt, ramen additive

Italian Tomato

All purpose flour, semolina, gluten, egg, tomato juice, spices

Squash (with Seasonal Greens)

All purpose flour, semolina, gluten, egg, roasted squash

Other Pasta Options

Availability may vary

Soup noodles: all purpose, sourdough starter, egg, salt

Tomato Basil: all purpose, semolina, egg, tomato juice, fresh basil

Additional Products

Pizza dough

Sourdough flat bread style. Offered in one pound rounds.


Made with organic palm shortening. Rich and tender, sold by the dozen.

Pie dough

Combination of butter and organic palm shortening. Large enough for a 10" pie plate. Sold two rounds per package.  

Sourdough rolls

An unbaked sourdough dinner roll with a touch of sweetness. Sold fresh by the dozen or frozen by the each.


We believe food brings us together, and that there is no better place to gather than in our own homes.

Meet Chris

And his family

Chris graduated from The Western Culinary Institute in Portland Oregon in 1998. He was a chef instructor for the Umpqua Community College culinary arts program for eight years.

Chef Chris has been working in food service since high school, where he worked the grill in his home town McDonalds. There has been a lot of time in kitchens since, ranging from breakfast to dinner service as well as plenty of caterings in between.

Chris is supported by his wife Robin and their three kids. From assisting with production to the retail markets, their help and support is critical to the success of the business. Together Chris and Robin experience many of the same challenges that all parents with young active kids experience.

Between school and extra-curricular activities, time is a rare commodity. We know that finding and preparing healthy scratch made food is a challenge. That’s why we started Local Fixe LLC. We are thankful to the community for their support, and appreciate the opportunities and experiences our kids have been given along the way.

Pasta, Reimagined

a delight for your dinner plate

Where to find us

You will find Local Fixe most Saturdays at the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market, which is open from 9 am to 1 pm year round at 1771 W Harvard Ave.

You can also call ahead your order and pick up at the Local Fixe shop at 2141 Northeast Airport Road.

You may also find us at Jackson Street Provisions at 424 SE Jackson Street.

Call or text Chris to reserve your order. Pasta and other products are made fresh weekly and are subject to availability.

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